Supporting Individuals and Groups as they discover what’s possible!

Individual Performance Coaching

Partner with Coach Shirley to design the life you desire!* ask about a complimentary introductory session.

Group Performance Coaching

Partner with Coach Shirley to facilitate change within your group or organization aligned with your purpose, vision and values.

Iron Sharpens Iron” Coaching Sessions

These sessions are designed to be shared with friends; the kind of friends whose values and beliefs are closely aligned with yours. Friends that support you and encourage your dreams, as you do theirs! Friends that grow and develop as you grow and develop! Invite up to three friends for life enhancing experiences with Coach Shirley.

Private Mini-Retreats

Weekend getaways with Purpose! Ask about opportunities to participate in a scheduled Charis Coaching Retreat or to Collaborate with Coach Shirley to design a private retreat for your group. Expect time for collective thought, solitude, planning, self care, and fun.

Consulting Services

Resume Writing and Review

Interview Preparation

Small Business Strategic Development

Event Planning

Policy Writing and Audit Services